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About Us

HeyBlinds.ca: Online custom blinds for Canadians

Company History

The HeyBlinds Story-A Message From Our Founder:

So many different styles and colours to choose from! No, wait--actually, it was a case of TOO MANY styles & colours to choose from!

Back then, we were focused on offering an ‘endless aisle’ of choices for blinds shoppers in Canada, who could buy from a Canadian blinds online store.

When I left that business 5 years ago, I already knew that there was an even better way to help Canadian blinds shoppers!

Over the years, I noticed the 80-20 rule in shopper buying habits: 80% of our customers bought from the same 20% of styles & colours.

‘Why do we have 27 different styles of honeycomb shades in 500+ colors when the same handful of styles & colours are the ones 80% of our customers are buying??’

Imagine, we boasted about how we were offering thousands of styles, colours & options, yet most of our customers were buying from a very small subset of all those choices!

I watched shopper after shopper struggle, feeling stressed and overwhelmed in a sea full of too many choices.

They would order samples, look them over, then order more samples, and take weeks to finally decide...only to order from that smaller 20% of the most popular styles, colours and options.

Like many entrepreneurs, I said: ‘There has to be a better way!’ And now there is! HeyBlinds.ca

If you want to choose from 27 different styles of Honeycomb shades with hundreds of colours, please go and shop with my competitors.

But if you’re like me, and most consumers, who don’t want the stress and complexity of choosing from tons of styles and colours that you’re never likely to choose anyways, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve carefully hand-curated a selection of only the most popular styles, colours and options. Not only do we make the buying process much easier, we also offer the industry's best warranties

Our Hey OK Guarantees give you peace of mind and no-stress, just in case something isn't quite right. So that every customer can order 100-day guaranteed blinds that will make your home beautiful, a great place to live, sleep, work and play. Blinds that everyone will love. Blinds that keep out the light and lock in the love. And give you the satisfaction of a DIY job well done!

You may even be tempted to offer your newfound blinds shopping expertise with a friend who's looking for blinds ('Wanna hire me?' LOL)! Choosing blinds is now one less tough decision to make in our lives that are already too complicated.

As a fellow Canadian living in beautiful Montreal, I am one of many real people behind the business. We are a 100% privately owned, Canadian company. And I’m here if you need me, anytime. Email me and I promise to personally get back to you.



Industry’s Best Warranties

Best choice, more Zen.
HeyBlinds curates only the best designs for you.

Choosing custom blinds for your home should be easy, not complicated. You’ve got enough to worry about and getting the best blinds for your home shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why HeyBlinds focuses on keeping things simple. By offering only the best choices you'll hone in on what you need - faster. No more wasting time wading through a long search of so-so choices.

Select your blinds and measure

Use our handy measuring guide for foolproof measurements.

Get excited with free samples

Order all the samples you need to make sure your blinds are spot-on.

Don’t stress over your order

Seriously, don’t stress. We’ll help you get it right.

Easily install and LOVE your blinds

Everything you need so you can enjoy your blinds immediately.

Perfect blinds every time.
Thanks to our HeyOK Warranties.

From measuring to feeling good about your decision, HeyBlinds has you covered. Because, even when you measure twice, or think you’ve chosen the right colour, or someone got a little too “yanky”, mistakes can happen.

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We make good blinds our business.
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With over 10 years experience in the Window Coverings industry, and thousands of satisfied customers, we know how important quality is and the workmanship that goes in to the perfect blind. In order to deliver you a product we are proud of and you will love, our online store is secured by certified, recognized partners who are experts in their field.